All Chinese factories are entering the Spring Festival holiday during Feb.15-21, 2018 and our head and platter swap tools do the same. It’s suggested users worldwide buy the head and platter swap tools before the Spring Festival if users have urgent physical data recovery cases. HDD Head Tools factory will stop shipping on Feb.13 until

Happy New year 2018 to all users! In the beginning of the year 2018, HDD Head Tools Factory wish all the best and has prepared amazing promotion on the major head and platter swap tools to all users! During Jan.5-12, all purchases of the following head and platter swap tools will enjoy free shipping worldwide

USB Hard Drive Head Swap Tips

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 by

To have the highest physical head swap success rate for USB hard drives, it’s important to learn some head swap tips. USB hard drives are equal to SATA hard drives plus USB connector into one and therefore, it’s possible to change the USB hard drives to SATA hard drives and then operate on it for

Physical hard drive data recovery cases contains the following cases: 1, Hard drives with PCB burnt but ROM chip ok; 2, Hard drives with both PCB and ROM chip burnt; 3, Hard drives with head damage; 4, Hard drives with heads stuck on the platters; 5, Hard drives motor damage; 6, Hard drives with head

How to Use Level 2 Head Comb Suite

Tuesday, 31 October 2017 by

Some new users are asking how to use Level 2 head comb suite and we are here writing some tips for it. It’s very easy to recognize each different head comb contained in the Level 2 head comb suite because each head comb has one different name on the comb itself. For example, W3 5

Head and Platter Swap and Clean Suite.Plus is not only one head and platter swap and clean tool for hard drives, the most important, it contains two top physical data recovery training videos on how to adjust the motor balance(how to fix the platter alignment issue) and how to clean the hard drive platters safely

Hddheadtools has cooperated with RecoveryRus and have developped new head and platter swap tools and now start to sell these tools to worldwide clean room data recovery engineers. These new head and platter swap tools are mainly used to fix motor stuck issue, new hard drive head replacement issue, platter swap issue. There are totally

Z7K500 HTS725050A7E635 Head Swap Video Guide has been created and it is now available to all users who have bought the head and platter swap tools from Users can email to to get this video guide. Users can either use the level 2 head comb suite-Hitachi head combs or use the DIY head

This is one Hitachi HDT725040VLAT80 Hard Drive Head Swap case study and the following are detailed steps to install/uninstall the heads from this drive. Please note: To open hard drive requires professional clean room environment and head swap tools. Within this case, users can use either the level 1 or level 2 head comb suite.