ST4000LM024-2AN17V M11 CheopsLiteA Family 72

M11 CheopsLiteA SATA 2.0 RAP30.8.2 SMR 2MB Flash 150 zn zonedsProduct FamilyId: 72, MemberId: 01HDA SN: WCJ3ZMT2, RPM: 5527, Wedges: 178, Heads: 9, OrigHeads: A, ActiveHdMap: 01FF, Lbas: 00003ADC1047, PreampType: 82 50Bits/Symbol: C, Symbols/UserSector: CB6, Symbols/SystemSector: CB5PCBA SN: 0000C11858F4, Controller: CHEOPSLITE_1_0_SATA(1410), Channel: Unknown, PowerAsic: Unknown Rev 00, BufferBytes: 8000000SF .

ST1000LM035-1RK172 HDD Repair ID

Model : ST1000LM035-1RK172Serial : WN91HWEBFirmware : EB01Capacity : 1953525168 (931.51GB)Sector size : 4096Heads number : 2 FW info : ObtainedFW version : R1AEA0684.SDM4.AA4901.EB01FW package P/N : 100849196FW ID : 00305567FW creation date : 2019/01/22FW creation time : 20:23:32CFW version : R1AEA0684.SDM4.AA4901.01618036.0SFW1 version : 0305567.EB01 Modules list : ObtainedModules number .

ST1000LX015-1U7172 HDD Repair ID

CheopsAM.1.0.SATA.Rosewood.Mule.Servo376.Rap30.AP1.4K + SMR DesProduct FamilyId: 8C, MemberId: 03HDA SN: WL1EVR2R, RPM: 5456, Wedges: 178, Heads: 2, OrigHeads: 4, Lbas: 00000EEF769F, PreampType: 82 02Bits/Symbol: C, Symbols/UserSector: CC1, Symbols/SystemSector: CB5PCBA SN: 0000K9044PMS, Controller: CHEOPSM_1_0_SATA(1010), Channel: Unknown, PowerAsic: KONA Rev A062, BufferBytes: 8000000SF ID: EF 14, SF Part Size: 400, Flash Used: .


WD-WX12D31P5Y1VWDC WD50NDZW-11MR8S14657 GB(9767475632)2108-SPTPCB number: 800041 Compatible SATA PCB for this 800041 USB PCB: Data Unlock SATA Connector:

ST3500511CS HDD Repair ID

Hepburn VTPI/RAP16,128K dfcts,5K srvo,Yeti3,5900rpm CEProduct FamilyId: 40, MemberId: 05HDA SN: 5VVP58R1, RPM: 5893, Wedges: 160, Heads: 2, Lbas: 3A386030, PreampType: 59 04PCBA SN: 0000E427AAFK, Controller: YETIST_3_0(64A1)(3-12-4-1), Channel: AGERE_COPPERHEAD_LITE, PowerAsic: MCKINLEY DESKTOP LITE Rev 94, BufferBytes: 2000000Package Version: HE0D2D.CAC1.GM0A2H.CA14 , Package P/N: 100699528, Package Builder ID: Z3,Package Build Date: 01/18/2012, .

ST31000524AS HDD ID

New Skews Pharaoh 0U with VTPI,RAP16,Common Code 4,6gigProduct FamilyId: 3F, MemberId: 03HDA SN: 9VPGG4QG, RPM: 7201, Wedges: 120, Heads: 4, Lbas: 000074706DB0, PreampType: 58 21PCBA SN: 0000C30426WC, Controller: YETIST_3_*/4_0(64A1)(3-12-4-1), Channel: AGERE_COPPERHEAD_LITE, PowerAsic: MCKINLEY DESKTOP LITE Rev 91, BufferBytes: 2000000Package Version: PH0U7B.CCD4.JM0A9Y.JC45 , Package P/N: 100665944, Package Builder ID: P9,Package .

WD20SDRW-11VUUS0 Module 190 Header

524F594C01831E009001 We can easily extract module 190 from SA region with this header by winhex, in some cases, module 190 cannot be read properly, both copy 0 and copy 1 fail to be read and therefore, users can use this manual method to extract the good module 190 from .