Physical Hard Drive Data Recovery Cases

Physical hard drive data recovery cases contains the following cases:

1, Hard drives with PCB burnt but ROM chip ok;
2, Hard drives with both PCB and ROM chip burnt;
3, Hard drives with head damage;
4, Hard drives with heads stuck on the platters;
5, Hard drives motor damage;
6, Hard drives with head or platter contamination;
7, Hard drives with platter scratches.

For PCB related physical recovery cases, users need to learn how to find donor PCB and how to solder the ROM chip, how to read ROM contents, how to use ROM flash programmer to read ROM chips.

For all other physical data recovery cases, users need to open the hard drives, need to manage to swap with donor heads, or put original platters to donor hard drives, or clean heads or platters, or need to use special tools to unstuck motor or need to bypass the scratched area.

Physical hard drive data recovery is usually considered as one of the most difficult data recovery cases. It requires complete knowledge of data recovery from logical, firmware and physical and needs hands on experience.

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