New Head and Platter Swap Tools are Available in 2017

Hddheadtools has cooperated with RecoveryRus and have developped new head and platter swap tools and now start to sell these tools to worldwide clean room data recovery engineers.

These new head and platter swap tools are mainly used to fix motor stuck issue, new hard drive head replacement issue, platter swap issue.

There are totally three new head and platter swap tools at this moment:

New 1: Hard Drive Platter Extractor. Smart
Hard Drive Platter Extractor.Smart is professionally and smartly designed to swap platters from both 2.5″ laptop and 3.5″ desktop hard drives and from also both old and new hard drives.

New 2: HDD Platter Holder. Smart
HDD Platter Holder. Smart is used by clean room engineers to put the platters safely, both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drive platters are supported.

New 3: WD Slim HDD Repair Smart
WD Slim HDD Repair Smart is professionally and specially designed for WD laptop slim HDDs. With WD Slim HDD Repair Smart, users can disassemble the motor and extract the platters as well.

Users can order online directly by paypal and these tools will be safely shipped to all users by DHL express.