Hard Drive Plastic Head Comb Vs Metal Head Comb

Many clients have recently asked one question about the selection of hard drive plastic head comb or hard drive metal head comb.

Some people told me they prefer plastic ones, because it’s not easy to scrach the platters, some people prefers metal head comb and they say metal head comb is not easy to be broken. But according to our experience, both designs are reasonable and good to select on different head swap cases.

As the top supplier of head and platter swap tools, hddheadtools.com offers both metal combs and plastic combs. That means we need to use both ones. For new users, no real cases (client drives) are allowed to run head replacement, because any simple mistakes may cause permanent data loss. New users need to practize on useless hard drives with some test data, working on the installaion and uninstallation of heads. If the data is still there after the head swap tests, users can work on the client drives.

When new users become experienced users, users can use either plastic or metal head combs to swap heads for different cases. For example, the level 1 plastic head comb suite is one standard comb suite users can use to separate and swap heads parking on either platters or ramp; Level 2 plastic head comb suite is specially designed for heads parking on a ramp; Seagate metal comb for 7200.11 and 12 is specially designed for the F3 .11 and .12 series with heads parking on the platters. Users can find these combs were designed with a range of support and become more and more specific and precisely supported.

So if users want a wide range of support on different hard drives with different heads parking zones, users can select the level 1 head comb suite+level 2 head comb suite+metal comb for Seagate 7200.11 and 12. This way, users will have a high success rate and widest range of hard drive support from SATA/IDE/UDE/SAS/SCSI.

The most important, besides the top quality of head combs, users get these great head combs at the most competitive prices from the factory directly. Any more question is welcome to [email protected].