Clicking Hard Drive Means Head Damaged Drive?

Does a clicking hard drive means a hard drive has head damaged?

Hard drive clicking is one typical and common symptom for one drive with head damage but hard drive clicking can be caused by multiple reasons.

1, Physical damage: head damage, platter scratches, heads stiction, dirty heads, etc; For these kinds of physical damage, it’s a must users find one donor hard drive, open the patient hard drives in a clean room, remove the patient heads, open the donor drives in a clean room, remove the donor heads and install the donor heads to the patient hard drives. For some specific hard drives, users need to adjust the head adaptive parameters to make sure the heads read correctly from the platters, otherwise, the data area may not be accessible;

2, Firmware failure. Some key modules failure or ROM failure. Users need to fix the firmware failures and then the hard drive clicking noises will be gone;

3, The PCB is not original and doesn’t match. This is mainly the ROM failure causing the clicking;

4, Wrong operations on the hard drives.

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