Premium Video-How to Clean Hard Drive Platters

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This is one premium video data recovery training on how to clean hard drive platters safely and properly. This cleaning method works for all hard drive brands.

There are three videos included in this purchase:

Video 1: How to clean platters with dust and magnetic powder due to scratches;
Video 2: How to clean finger print or oil contamination;
Video 3: How to clean multiple platters.

Hard drive platter cleaning is very important and necessary data recovery technology all engineers must learn and master, because it is used very frequently, for example, if the hard drive is contaminated by non-professional engineers, if the hard drive is flooded, if the hard drive is scratched or if the hard drive has been opened in non-clean room environment, etc. All these situations require platter swap.

Please note: Buying or using this video doesn’t mean you can succeed in platter cleaning immediately and no guarantee is offered for your success. Users will take the risks of data loss by yourselves by using these video. This totally depends on your practice and skills, this video give only idea and solution working in our lab.

After users purchased this set of hard drive platter cleaning video, users will get special download link. All videos will be encrypted and tied to buyers’ name and buyer’s one PC only. If you copy videos to other pc, it won’t run at all. Besides each video will be offered with one doc for better understanding. Please respect our hard work and keep them confidential as your own training materials only. Thank you in advance.

1 review for Premium Video-How to Clean Hard Drive Platters

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hey, can I clean my hard drive with multiple platters? is it very difficult for me?

    • HeadMaster

      Hello there, you can simply follow the video after you purchased the video and in the clean room, you can do a good job there.

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