Why Does A Hard Drive Head Swap Fail

Hard drive head swap is one very important step to fix physical data recovery case. For many physical data recovery cases, they are usually coming with clicking noises or other kind of mechanical noises.

Some drives are even dead as common clients see while they are actually not.

To handle on such kind of dead drives, many users know they need to be opened and swapped the heads but not many engineers have good success rate.

So why does a head swap fail, the following reasons can be for your reference?

1, You may not have one qualified working environment-clean environment, at least class 100,  one clean bench or complete clear room is required;

2, You may not have good skills of opening the drives, handling the screws, using some special tips to avoid scratches, etc;

3, You may not use the professional head swap tools or you may not use the head swap tools correctly;

4, You may not find a good matching donor for the patient dead hard drive;

5, You may not find the scratches on the bottom platters;

6, You may not find the other failures of the drives such as firmware failure, ROM failure, PCB failure, etc;

7, For some special hard drives, single hard drive head swap is not enough, users need to adjust the head adaptive parameters too so that the patient drives will use the donor heads and donor adaptive parameters to work normally.


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