WD Charger HDD Unlock PCB 800065 800067 810003 Purchasing Tips

WD Charger family HDD is another type of MCU locked HDD and if users want to repair the firmware corruptions of these HDDs, users need to get special unlock PCBs.

2060-800067 USB3.0 PCB>2060-800065 Unlock SATA PCB
Type C PCB 2060-810003>2060-800065 SATA Unlock PCB

The size of 800065 unlock PCB is smaller than normal WD PCB size we see and it requires more soldering skills to take off and install the ROM chip. For new engineers in data recovery field or for those who are not good at chip soldering, please consider seriously to get the HDD ROM Chip pin reader to read and write the ROM without soldering the chip off. This way, for the same unlock PCB, engineers can use it many times and no need to buy one extra unlock PCB if the unlock PCB is damaged during soldering work.