WD 2060-800077 HDD Unlock PCB Purchasing Tips

There’re some new western digital hard drives whose PCB number is 2060-800077-003 REV P1 and for these hard drives, the PCB has MCU lock and the ROM and firmware cannot be accessed.

If these patient hard drives have firmware corruption, the patient HDDs may be not detected, wrongly detected or busy or the data area cannot be accessed. At this time, to fix the unlock issue for data recovery, users need to get one special unlock 2060-800077 unlock PCB, all users need to do is to manage to get the original ROM and put to the unlock PCB and then install the unlock PCB to data drive.

Until so far, no tool can read and write the ROM directly from these patient HDDs without unlock PCB and users can only depend on their soldering skills to solder the ROM chip off and sometimes, some users destory the PCB and even ROM chip cause permanent data loss due to the lack of good soldering skills.

So for new users in data recovery field, it is a must to have some solution to transfer the rom to unlock PCB without soldering the rom chip. Even for users with good soldering skills, it is also necessary to save time, reduce the risk of damaging PCB. HDD ROM Chip Reader is so far the best solution for this one, users can simply read and write the ROM without any soldering work.

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