WD HDD Palmer 800066 800069 Unlock PCB Data Recovery Tips

HDD Head Tools factory has recently helped two users to process the WD HDD Palmer 800066 unlock PCB issues. The two users don’t have good soldering skills and during the ROM chip soldering, the unlock PCB was damaged and the luck thing was that the ROM chip is still good, otherwise, the data will be lost permanently.

2060-800069 USB PCB>Unlock PCB 2060-800066
2060-800068 Type C PCB>Unlock PCB 2060-800066

HDD Head Tools factory helped the users to get new unlock PCB and also the users bought the HDD ROM Chip pin reader, without soldering, the users easily read the original ROM from the original ROM chip and then write directly to the unlock PCB ROM chip and then put the unlock PCB to original HDD, the HDD was unlocked perfectly and the user could access to backup firmware modules and SA area and finally fixed the firmware corruption and got lost data back.

With HDD ROM chip pin reader, users could use the same Unlock PCB for many times and can save a lot for recovering these MCU locked WD HDDs. For soldering, even if users have good soldering skills, the PCB or ROM chip will be more or less damaged during each soldering work and finally the PCB went bad and cannot be used any more and then need to buy new unlock PCBs.

For WD HDD Palmer HDDs, please be sure to lock UA writing and then backup the firmware modules and SA area and then test firmware modules to repair.