HDS722540VLAT20 Hitachi Desktop HDD Head Swap Detailed Steps and Tips

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Deskstar 7K250 HDS722540VLAT20 head swap detailed steps and tips are available now!

HDS722540VLAT20 head swap can be one very typical head swap job for Hitachi desktop hard drives, after users read the steps and tips, users can get very helpful knowledge to succeed in these drives.

This drive is old drive with only 40GB and 1 platter 1 head, but very important to learn and find out all the tricks from experienced clean room engineer.

These drives have hidden head screw behind the label, have head locking screw behind the PCB, have head limitator and have head locker, so tips are important for successful head swap.

After users’ purchase, users will get two files: one file contains very detailed image guides for uninstalling the damaged head, the other file contains image guides on how to install the donor heads to damaged hdd.


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