Seagate Metal Head Comb 8-9-10-STM-ES


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Seagate Metal Head Comb 8-9-10-STM-ES is one easy-to-use and high-precision manufactured metal head comb for Seagate Barracuda 7200.8, 7200.9, 7200.10, ES and STM drives (Maxtor DiamondMax 21 drives.)


As for new users, this head comb makes your physical recovery jobs much easier and for advanced users, this head comb makes your physical head swap much more efficient and successful.

The following models are supported by this metal head comb:

Models Of IDE Drives Supported

ST3500630A; ST3300820A; ST3500830A; ST3300822A; ST3400620A; ST3300831A
ST3400632A; ST3250823A; ST3400633A; ST3250824A; ST3400820A; ST3250820A
ST3400832A; ST3200820A; ST3400833A; ST3200826A; ST3320620A; ST3200827A
ST3320820A; ST3300620A; ST3300622A; ST3300631A; ST3250623A; ST3250624A
STM3250620A; STM3250820A; STM3300620A; STM3320820A; STM3200820A

Models Of SATA Drives Supported

ST3500630AS; ST3300820AS; ST3500830AS; ST3300822AS
ST3400620AS; ST3300831AS; ST3400632AS; ST3250620AS
ST3400633AS; ST3250623AS; ST3400820AS; ST3250624AS
ST3400832AS; ST3250820AS; ST3400833AS; ST3250823AS
ST3320620AS; ST3250824AS; ST3320820AS; ST3200820AS
ST3300620AS; ST3200826AS; ST3300622AS; ST3200827AS; ST3300631AS.
STM3500630AS; STM3320620AS; STM3320820AS; STM3250824AS; STM3250820AS


ST3500630NS; ST3500830NS; ST3400620NS; ST3400820NS; ST3320620NS; ST3320820NS; ST3250620NS; ST3250820NS

Video: Seagate Metal Head Comb 8-9-10-STM-ES


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