WD Slim HDD Motor Release Smart




WD Slim HDD Repair Smart is professionally and specially designed for WD laptop slim HDDs. With WD Slim HDD Repair Smart, users can disassemble the motor and extract the platters as well.

WD Slim HDD Repair Smart has two sides: one side is used to disassemble the motor and the other side is used to extract the platter. The motor disassembling side has special design to extract the screws safely and disassemble the motor successfully. The platter extracting side can be easily used to extract the platters.

WD Slim hard drive has one difficult physical structure for many data recovery engineers: when the hard drive suffers head damage, engineers cannot simply swap heads any more. The engineers need to perform the following difficult steps:

1, Remove top magnet;
2, Unfix the the parking RAMP and move the ramp off the platters;
3, Disassemble the motor;
4, Remove the platters;
5, Remove the heads and swap heads.

Due to above complicated steps, it’s better to swap platters, users can remove the platters on to the donor drive, swap PCB and get data from the donor drive.

To ensure a high success rate of WD Slim hdd physical data recovery, it is a must to use this tool.

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