HDD Platter Holder. Smart

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HDD Platter Holder. Smart is the latest physical data recovery tool from and it is used by clean room engineers to put the platters safely, both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drive platters are supported.

HDD Platter Holder. Smart contains two parts: Platter holder base and platter holders. One base can carry multiple holders. One holder carrys one platter, either 2.5″ or 3.5″ hdd platter. The smart version contains one base and four holders.

HDD Platter Holder. Smart can be used in many cases:

1, When the hard drives has stuck/dead motor;
2, When the hard drive has heavy contamination inside and need to clean platters;
3, When the hard drive has special physical structure which make common head swap not possible without swapping platters;

Please note: HDD Platter Holder. Smart is used to put the platters for a short time during the platter/head swap cases, it is not for storage purchase. Users need to complete the case as soon as possible.

If users are trying to order HDD Platter Holder.Smart, it’s suggested to consider Hard Drive Platter Swap Suite Pro

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