WD3200AAKS-75L9A0 Head Replacement Tool and tips

This article introduce the head replacement tool and tips for WD3200AAKS-75L9A0 with one platter and two heads.

Model number: WD3200AAKS-75L9A0
Platter number: 1
Head number: 2

Please pay attention to the hidden screw

Head replacement tool used: W3 2 which belong to the WD head comb suite or Level 2 head comb suite

W 3 2 Head Replacement Tool used for WD3200AAKS
Users need to remove the limiter here before moving the heads out of the parking ramp.
It’s easy to remove and swap the heads with donor ones with the W 32 HDD head replacement tool and with this article, hope users, specially new data recovery engineers will be more successful.

Please note: all above operations need to be done in a clean room environment and users need to wear clean gloves or qualified finger gloves and users can check the head and platter and clean suite here.

Users can find more head and platter swap tools and tips with HDD head tools factory. Any question is welcome to [email protected]