WD30NMVW WD40NMZW Head Replacement Tool and Tips

WD30NMVW WD40NMZW are very popular Western Digital hard drives with 5 platters and 10 heads.

The picture below is from one WD30NMVW hard drive:

* Remove the screw locking the heads on the PCB side and users can remove the heads successfully.

To swap heads for these WD WD30NMVW WD40NMZW hard drives, users need to use the parking ramp head replacement toolkit for WD and in the level 2 head replacement toolkit or WD head replacement toolkit, users can find one head comb called W2 5 which is specially designed for WD 2.5″ hdds with 5 platters.

Remove the heads with W2 5 head comb with locking pin.

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