Ship Data Recovery Unlock PCBs to Kuwait

More and more data recovery engineers worldwide are getting to learn about HDD Head Tools factory and they start to buy the head and platter swap tools, donor HDDs, unlock PCBs, save their cost and increase their success rate.

The following is one data recovery engineer from Kuwait who wishes to buy the data recovery unlock PCBs from HDD head tools factory.

‘Dear Sales,

I was looking at those 2 products in your website:

– WD 2060-8000XX Data Recovery Unlock PCBs Promotion Package 01     
– WD 2060-8000XX Data Recovery Unlock PCBs Promotion Package 02     

I notice that the only difference is that Package 02 supports ONE extra WD PCB 800077 right??

I want to know if it is possible to order and ship to Kuwait,  please let me know about shipping with DHL or Fedex Only, not any other carrier.

Thank you’

Users are suggested to go with the package 02 because all the PCBs included are very common and necessary and users can save a lot to buy them in one package.

It takes 4 or 5 working days around to Kuwait by DHL express.