Good Day

I have 1 client who has a WD external drive USB 3.0 the HDD inside is WD black 2.5″ with model: WD10JMVW its a 1.0TB. I need information how much the donor drive and how much the whole price including sending this drive here in Davao City Philippines.

I also ask you that you can give me a good price as I’m starting this business here in our City. Thank you and have a nice day.

Looking forward to your early reply as soon as possible.

To answer above email:

To find one donor drive for WD external USB3.0 hard drive, users need to remove the USB enclosure and check the WD hard drive ID details, for example: hdd model number, DCM, PCB number, manufacturing date, etc.

Donor drive will be shipped by DHL express and if users wish to start a data recovery business, users can consider the data recovery tools here.