5tb 810067 WD external hard drive was damaged

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My 5tb WD external hard drive was damaged after my wife dropped it – if I buy the WD 2060-810067 HDD firmware unlock SATA PCB for $199 from you will I able to retrieve my data? 

Disk Head is ok I think – only board and usb connector was damaged 

Also do you deliver to Australia?

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To answer above email:

The 810067 hard drive is smr hard drive and the compatible SATA PCB is 810035 firmware unlock SATA PCB but to recover lost data and fix the SED issue, users may need to use USB-SATA wiring PCB on the original USB PCB.

For many faulty WD SMR hard drives, they have more or less some firmware issue such as slow issue, head issue, bad sector issue, translator issue, etc. If users don’t have professional data recovery equipment, the chance of data recovery by only PCB swap is very small.