WD HDD 2060-810011 Unlock PCB Purchasing Tips

If users want to buy one special WD unlock PCB of 2060-810011 to unlock the original HDD for firmware repair and data recovery, users need to pay attention to the quality of the unlock PCB because from the layout, it looks like the same but some users may get some faulty PCBs in the market which doesn’t do the unlock work at all.

When users buy from HDDheadtools.com, users get 100% working unlock PCBs and all our data recovery engineers are using these unlock PCBs each day in our data recovery labs.

Anyway, when we are using these unlock PCBs, we use HDD ROM Chip pin reader to read the original ROM from the original PCB and then write the original ROM to the unlock PCB. It takes 10 seconds to do this one and then users can get the hdd unlocked and SA accessed.

By using the HDD ROM chip pin reader, our engineers can use the same unlock PCB for many cases. If users don’t use the pin reader and keep soldering the ROM chip off and on, maybe after several times, the unlock PCB is damaged and users need to buy new unlock PCB.

Special offer: Buy WD 2060-810011 Data Recovery Unlock PCB, and users will get HDD ROM Chip Pin Reader Set as gift.