How to treat Clicking hard drives carefully

Clicking hard drive data recovery case is one of the most common data recovery cases in our clean room and our clean room engineers are able to handle these cases properly.

For all these clicking hard drives, users must have proper clean room environment and clean room head and platter swap tools to work with these clicking hard drives.

For all these clicking hard drives, the very first thing for users to do is to reduce the power-on and off times and then open the hard drives in clean bench and watch carefully with strong flash light or microscope to see if the heads or platters are physically damaged and if there’re no signs of physical damage, the clicking noises can be caused by firmware failure and then users need to connect the clicking hard drives to hdd firmware repair tools to diagnose the firmware modules and find out which module is damaged.

But if users find the heads are damaged, users need to find donor heads to swap heads; if the platter is scratched, users need then to consider the platter cleaning, physical head cut and selective head image to get the data off from the non-scratched platters.

Never try to treat clicking hard drives as firmware corrupted cases for the first time and this will definitely add to the risk of losing the data permanently.