ST8000AS0002 Head Replacement Tool is Available

HDD Head Tools factory has manufactured another new head replacement tool for Seagate Archive HDD ST8000AS0002 with 6 platters and 12 heads.

The name of this head replacement tool for ST8000AS0002 is ST3 6, 3 means for 3.5″ HDDs and 6 means 6 platters.

ST3 6 head replacement tool is used to separate the heads of ST8000AS0002 patient HDDs safely and then uninstall the damaged heads and install the donor heads.

ST3 6 head comb is specially used for the heads parking on the external parking ramp and it is very easy to use and safe to use to protect the platters.

Users need to buy the level 2 head comb suite standard version or advanced version to get this new head replacement tool.