ST3000LM024 ST4000LM024 ST5000LM000 and Head Replacement Tool

ST3000LM024 ST4000LM024 ST5000LM000 data recovery are common Seagate data recovery cases in many data recovery labs.

For physically damaged hard drives such as damaged heads or scratched surfaces or weak heads, it is necessary to edit the head map in rom and set up head map in disk image task.

By using DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool, users can easily see this ST3000LM024 has 7 heads, head 0 is physically missing, head 2 and head 6 was turned off in ROM. The ST4000LM024 HDD has 9 heads and 1 head is missing and the ST5000LM000 HDD has 10 heads fully. These hdds were designed to have 10 heads totally.

So when users try to swap heads, users need to select the head comb for Seagate 2.5″ HDD 5 Platters and 10 heads, it’s the ST2 5 included in the Seagate Head Combs Suite or Level 2 head comb suite.