Fujitsu 2.5″ SAS Hard Drive Head Comb Is Added To Level 2 Head Comb Suite

The new head comb for Fujitsu SAS 2.5″ laptop hard drive (Server hard drive) has been manufactured and added to Level 2 head comb suite, all new clients who order the level 2 head comb suite will get this new Fujitsu hard drive head comb.

With this new head comb, the level 2 head comb suite has contained 28 different designed head combs in total and users can handle more hard drives for physical data recovery and get a higher data recovery success rate.

This new head comb is designed to separate the heads securely for Fujitsu SAS 2.5″ hard drives whose heads park on a ramp and have 2 platters, 4 heads.

The model is usually MBA3147RC, MAP3147NC, etc with capacity of 146GB, 300GB, etc.




Level 2 head comb suite will defitely help all clean room data recovery engineers to minize their cost but maximize their recovery success rate.