7200.12 Stuck Head Data Recovery Case

It is not often 3.5’’ seagate drives got stuck head, usually it is more often to see stuck head problems on 2.5’’ or Hitachi drives. However, you can often have stuck head problems for Seagate drives larger than 500GB.


The PCB looks good and it seems this PCB is original and this makes recovery easier with original ROM contents.

Next clean room engineer brought the engineer to the clean room and opened the hard drive.clean-room-engineer-data-recovery

As we open drive, the head was stuck on the platter so the drive was not able to spin up.



Move heads back to parking zone and the drive was detected.
Connect the drive to pc and scan with mhdd, the drive was found but with many bad sectors.

Connect the drive directly to the DFL-SRP for Data Extraction, the patient drive was imaged to one good drive and all the data was extracted from the good drive.