When Do We Need Hard Drive Head Combs

Hard drive head combs are mainly used to separate the hard drive heads of different hdd brands including SATA drives, IDE drives, USB hard drives, SAS/SCSI hard drives.

When the hard drive heads are damaged, when the motor is damaged, when the heads are stuck to the heads, the patient hard drives need to be opened in one clean room environment, at least, the users need to have one clean bench to open the hard drives. Each platter has one top and bottom head to take care of the read and write of the data on the platters.

In order to uninstall/install the heads from or out of the platters’ parking zones or from/out of the ramp, users need to use professional head combs to separate the heads so that the read/write heads won’t touch each other and cause damages.


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Video: 2.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive Head Swap Case Study