WD HDD Original USB PCB 800041 Corrupted

For some data recovery cases of Western Digital SMR hard drives with USB PCB of 800041(Spyglass II), the patient hdd cannot be booted due to the USB PCB corruption, such as PCB burnt, USB interface damaged but the rom chip is still good, under such conditions, it is still possible to get the lost data back.

Steps to get lost data back from above WD SMR Spyglass II hard drives:

1, Get one compatible SATA PCB of 800022;
2, Swap original ROM chip from USB PCB to the compatible SATA PCB or read original ROM by HDD ROM chip pin reader(Soldering is not required by this tool);
3, Swap main chip by WD 800041 800022 88i1047-NDB2 Main Controller IC Reballing Stencil from original to donor;
4, Connect patient HDD to DFL-SRP WD hdd firmware repair hardware;
5, Enter firmware repair software and disable 411, lock UA writing;
6, Restart firmware, backup module 190;
7, Fix SMR HDD slow issue by ‘change disk configuration’;
8, Load 190 to ram auto by DFL-DDP data recovery tool.