WD 800041 800022 88i1047-NDB2 Main Controller IC Reballing Stencil

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WD HDD PCB 800041 800022 Main Controller IC Reballing Stencil is available worldwide by DHL express!

Main Controller IC ID: 88i1047-NDB2

For WD SMR HDDs, they usually have firmware lock and SED V2 lock issue. To unlock the firmware area, users can use firmware unlock PCB. To fix the SED V2 issue, users can use the following methods:

1, Solder wires on original USB PCB;
2, Use
3, Use 2060-800041 Data Unlock SATA Connector;

Now we have another method: When the original PCB is physically damaged, users can only transfer the main controller IC to firmware unlock PCB to fix SED v2 issue.

Whenever users need to transfer the 88i1047-NDB2 main controller IC to another PCB, this reballing stencil is very helpful.

Users can watch the video on how to use WD 800041 800022 Main Controller IC Reballing Stencil here