Users Can Save to Get Level 2 Head Comb Suite Advanced

Level 2 head comb suite has two versions: Standard and Advanced version.

The only difference between these two versions are the amount of head combs included. Level 2 head comb suite.Standard version contains 31 different head combs, 1 piece of each head comb while the Advanced version contains 31 different head combs, 2 pieces of each head comb and totally 62 head combs.

Some users prefer the standard version because it is cheaper, some users prefer the advanced version because it contains 1 more head comb of each and more convenient during head swap process.

The Level 2 head comb suite.advanced version is cheaper than buying two sets of standard version and users can save if users want to have two head combs of each.

Level 2 head comb suite is one very cost-effective and functional head swap tool, it supports most hard drives whose heads park on a ramp, Seagate, WD, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujutsu, Samsung hdd brands are supported with a wide range of 2-10 heads.