ST1000DM003 Head Swap Video Guide

This is one head swap video tutorial for all those who have bought the head and platter swap tools from Dolphin Data Lab or from

ST1000DM003 is one special structured hard drive, to open the hard drive and swap heads or platters, users need to remove the PCB first, cause’ there’s one hidden screw behind the PCB


Besides the hidden screw behind the PCB, there’s also one hidden screw behind the label. The engineer removed all screws and can easily use the level 2-Seagate head comb to separate the heads and remove the heads. Within this video, users use another DIY head comb to separate the heads and performed the head swap.


To get this ST1000DM003 video guide, users need to email to [email protected], if you don’t have tools from, we are sorry, the video guide won’t be available.