2060-810012 Data Unlock SATA Connector

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2060-810012 Data Unlock SATA Connector is used to convert the 810012 USB PCB to SATA interface meanwhile the data out of this converted SATA interface is not encrypted. That’s to say, users don’t need to solder wires any more on the original USB PCB to decrypt the data. All users need to do is to install this connector simply to the original USB PCB and then users can image the patient HDD or extract the lost data directly by SATA interface successfully.

Usually, for new 810012 USB hard drives, users can recover lost data using USB interface directly or users get the compatible 800022 SATA PCB or do manual wiring on original USB PCB to SATA to access the firmware area, repair the firmware corruption, image the patient hdd or extract the lost data. But in many cases, the USB interfaces can be damaged or not stable at all and manual soldering causes more or less some damages to the original USB PCB and add to the risk of losing the original USB PCB and finally the cases failed.

Therefore, this 2060-810012 Data Unlock SATA Connector was created to make things easiler, no soldering to get visible data, no soldering to get data transfer by faster and more stable SATA interface.

Video Demo on how to use this SATA Connector