When users are going to offer physical data recovery services, users need to have good hands-on experience, qualified head and platter swap tools and clean room environment (for beginners, one qualified clean bench is good for opening hard drives for heads installation and uninstallation.) It’s suggested users need to practice on 50-70 useless hard drives

Some beginners in data recovery field would like to ask such one question-‘Do the head combs I buy from you fix all my physical recovery cases?’ I am sorry but the answer is no. There’re no universal head combs or tools which can be used for all hard drives because each type of drives have

Hard drive head combs are mainly used to separate the hard drive heads of different hdd brands including SATA drives, IDE drives, USB hard drives, SAS/SCSI hard drives. When the hard drive heads are damaged, when the motor is damaged, when the heads are stuck to the heads, the patient hard drives need to be