Z7K500 HTS725050A7E635 Head Swap Video Guide has been created and it is now available to all users who have bought the head and platter swap tools from Users can email to to get this video guide. Users can either use the level 2 head comb suite-Hitachi head combs or use the DIY head

ST1000DM003 Head Swap Video Guide

Thursday, 10 November 2016 by

This is one head swap video tutorial for all those who have bought the head and platter swap tools from Dolphin Data Lab or from ST1000DM003 is one special structured hard drive, to open the hard drive and swap heads or platters, users need to remove the PCB first, cause’ there’s one hidden screw

Level 2 head comb suite has been the top-sale and most welcome head swap tool for most new hard drives of Seagate, WD, Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba and Fujitsu including SATA, SAS hard drives. Besides keeping add new head combs to complete the suite and support more new 4TB, 5TB and 6TB hard drives, HDDHeadtools have

There are normally 2 types of abnormal HDD sounds: “click” and “tick” sound. They all suggest the HDD has problems but these 2 sounds are caused differently. Note that a healthy HDD will also have slight ticking sound when writing/reading. It is normal and this sound can only be distinguished in a very quiet environment.

In order to fix the new WD 6TB hard drive head damaged cases, the new special head comb has been now designed and manufactured  and now it’s available within the WD HDD head comb suite or level 2 head comb suite. This new WD hdd head comb is named as W 3 5. This specia

One new Hitachi SAS HDD Head Comb has been designed and manufactured and has been now added to level 2 head comb suite. Level 2 head comb suite has now contained 30 pieces different head combs for hard drives whose heads park on a ramp including Seagate, WD, Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu hard drive head

The new head comb for Fujitsu SAS 2.5″ laptop hard drive (Server hard drive) has been manufactured and added to Level 2 head comb suite, all new clients who order the level 2 head comb suite will get this new Fujitsu hard drive head comb. With this new head comb, the level 2 head comb

It is not often 3.5’’ seagate drives got stuck head, usually it is more often to see stuck head problems on 2.5’’ or Hitachi drives. However, you can often have stuck head problems for Seagate drives larger than 500GB. The PCB looks good and it seems this PCB is original and this makes recovery easier

Great news to all users: one new head comb for Seagate Samsung 2TB laptop hard drive is added. The new head comb is called SX2 3 and it supports Seagate Samsung 2.5″ hard drives with 3 platters and the model is ST2000LM003. ST2000LM003 head replacement tool is now available if users buy level 2 head