What Tools Are Used For High-Success-Rate Head Swap

When users are going to open hard drives and perform head swap or platter swap, users need to have follow some rules and have some professional physical swap toolkit.

Firstly, users need to have clean room environment and the tool required is at least one clean bench, one Vertical Laminar Flow Station is suggested. Users can buy one proper sized clean bench according to the size of the data recovery business.

After this clean bench is equipped, users need to have also:

Clean Room Gloves
Clean Room Suit
Clean Room Mask
Clean Room Head Cover
Clean Room Shoe Cover

These will make the clean environment more professional.

Next, we need to have one professional microscope so that we can watch clearly the heads, platters, PCB ROM chips and other elements which may affect the quality of diagnosis.

Next we need to have professional head and platter swap tools and hard drive head combs.

After above tools are prepared, users need to prepare the hard drive resources, second drives and bad sector drives to practice and learn the physical components inside and then get some good physical head and platter swap training materials to learn and improve the skills.

Video: Physical Hard Disk Head Swap Case Study