Warning to Buy Head Platter Swap Tools and PCBs from 3rd Party Websites

To all potential buyers:

We have recently received some emails telling us the following facts when they try to buy similar head and platter swap tools, or similar PCBs or other similar products.

1, There’re some common trading companies or some individuals who are trying to sell some copied head and platter swap tools or some false PCBs, specially the false unlock PCBs.

2, Some users bought the false PCbs or partially unlocked pcbs from other trading websites or other unknown websites and some users haven’t even received any pcbs;

3, Many cheating websites or trading companies steal the product name and descriptions for their copied products and sell the copied tools at lower prices to attact clients to buy;

4, Those cheating and trading websites or persons don’t have professional data recovery background and knowledge and they cannot offer professional support and documents at all.

5, Users don’t get support at all after buying from 3rd party unknown websites and totally wasted the time and money and what’s worse is that the false pcbs may destory users’ valuable data.

So please contact us to confirm if the 3rd party websites or channels you are trying to buy from are authorized ones or official ones to get the real professional head and platter swap tools and PCBs.