ST1000LX015-1U7172 HDD Repair ID

CheopsAM.1.0.SATA.Rosewood.Mule.Servo376.Rap30.AP1.4K + SMR Des
Product FamilyId: 8C, MemberId: 03
HDA SN: WL1EVR2R, RPM: 5456, Wedges: 178, Heads: 2, OrigHeads: 4, Lbas: 00000EEF769F, PreampType: 82 02
Bits/Symbol: C, Symbols/UserSector: CC1, Symbols/SystemSector: CB5
PCBA SN: 0000K9044PMS, Controller: CHEOPSM_1_0_SATA(1010), Channel: Unknown, PowerAsic: KONA Rev A062, BufferBytes: 8000000
SF ID: EF 14, SF Part Size: 400, Flash Used: 400
Package Version: RH07A7.SDM2.582726.SDM1 , Package P/N: ———, Package Global ID: 00080603,
Package Build Date: 03/17/2017, Package Build Time: 10:49:21, Package CFW Version: RH07.SDM2.01213773.00080603,
Package SFW1 Version: 7AE1, Package SFW2 Version: —-, Package SFW3 Version: —-, Package SFW4 Version: —-
Controller FW Rev: 27260001, CustomerRel: SDM1, Changelist: 01213773, ProdType: RH07.SDM2, Date: 03/17/2017, Time: 104921, UserId: 00080603
Servo FW Rev: 7AE1
TCG IV Version: 30.05
Package BPN: 7
RAP FW Implementation Key: 1E, Format Rev: 0208, Contents Rev: 3F 95 01 00
Active BFW Container: 1
4K Sys Area: 1

  • Quadradic Equation AFH enabled
  • VBAR with adjustable zone boundaries enabled
  • Volume Based Sparing enabled
  • IOEDC enabled
  • IOECC enabled
  • DERP Read Retries enabled v.
  • LTTC-UDR2 disabled
  • SuperParity 4.1 enabled OTF OC enabled
    TotalSuperBlks TotalValidSuperBlks
    000C3328 000C3327
  • UMP Zone Group 0004 to 0007 TotalSuperBlks ValidSuperBlks 000044AC 000044AB
  • Humidity Sensor disabled
  • Media Cache Partition enabled
  • Media Cache enabled
  • Background Reli Activity Critical Event Logging disabled
  • Low Current Spin Up Feature disabled
  • Torn Write Protection enabled
  • Zone Remap enabled
    [PLBA:00000000 Len:0083FD19 Offset:0E07FFED]
    [PLBA:0083FD19 Len:0E07FFED Offset:FF7C02E7]
    [PLBA:0E8BFD06 Len:00637999 Offset:00000000]
    [PLBA:0EEF769F Len:00000001 Offset:00000000]
  • AGB enabled
  • SubRelease:0
  • Critical Event Log v. 1
  • Live Sensor enabled
  • FAFH 36.1 enabled (collect)
  • EWP:0
  • DRAM Mirror:0

To fix and repair the hdd firmware corruption, users need to use DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool to unlock the firmware and repair the corrupted firmware modules and then use DFL-DDP data recovery tool to get the lost data back.