Seagate ST1000LM035 Head Swap Tips

Seagate ST1000LM035 is one more and more common physical head swap case in data recovery labs.

Most ST1000LM035 hard drive we received are 1-platter design with 2 heads but today we receive one ST1000LM035 hard drive and it has 2 platters, 4 heads and when connecting this drive to data recovery hardware, it keeps clicking and we powered it off immediately.

It is not easy to find a donor hdd of ST1000LM035 with 4 heads, we have searched all our ST1000LM035  stock, no luck at all.

HDD IDs for this ST1000LM035:

Model number: ST1000LM035
SN: WBZ05C82
Part number: 1RK172-568
PCB Number: 100799274

Next the clean room data recovery engineer found one ST2000LM007 hard drive with 2 platters and 4 heads as donor, these drive are cross compatible with each other.

The engineer opened the hard drive in clean room and used the Seagate LM Slim HDD Head Comb Suite.Advanced to swap the heads successfully. Finally all data was recovered.