Hitachi Hard Drive Head Comb Suite

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This is one professionally designed head comb suite for Hitachi 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives whose heads are parked on a ramp.


The Hitachi head comb suite contains 6 head combs:

Newly added Hitachi Head Comb April 11 2016

HUS2 2: 2.5″ Hitachi SAS hdds, 2 platters.


Hitachi 3.5″ hard drive combs:

H3-1 3: 3.5″ Hitachi HDDs, 3 platters
H3 5: 3.5″ Hitachi HDDs, 5 platters
H3-1 2: 3.5″ Hitachi HDDs, 2 platters

Hitachi 2.5″ hard drive combs:

H2 2: 2.5″ Hitachi HDDs, 2 platters
H2 1: 2.5″ Hitachi HDDs, 1 platter

These¬†hard drive head combs¬†are used to separate the heads and helps greatly to install the heads to or uninstall the heads from the ramp. It doesn’t guarantee users’ success in head swap because users need to select the right donor heads by themselves.

Video: Hard Drive Head Comb Suite


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