How to Remove heads successfully from 2.5″ Laptop HTS541060G9SA00 HDDs

Here are the steps to remove the heads properly from one 2.5″ laptop HTS541060G9SA00 hard drives.

Step 1: Remove the hidden head screw behind the label and screws on the lid edge;
Step 2: Remove the HDD lid, hold the HDD with the lid at lower side, use some slim hard tool to prise off the lid edge from different locations, this will help to avoid particles dropping to the platters;
Step 3: Remove the screws of the head contact connector;
Step 4: Remove the screws of the top magnet;
Step 5: Loosen the left blue plastic head limitator, not remove, just loosen, please note;
Step 6: Install head replacement tool to separate the heads;
Step 7: Remove the loosened head limitator, only after this limitator is removed, the heads can be moved out of the parking ramp;
Step 8: Remove the remained screw on the top magnet;
Step 9: Remove the head locker;
Step 10: Move the heads out of the parking ramp and press to fix it;
Step 11: Remove the head locking screw behind the PCB, do remember to fix the heads, not letting it to move around which may damage it;
Step 12: Move the heads together with the magnets out;
Step 13: Left hand holding firmly the magnets and heads, right hand moving the head contact connector out with nippers;
Step 14: The heads are perfectly moved out.