WD Head Replacement Donor Guide

In most WD head swap cases, users just find the same model and PCB number, the success rate is good. Sometimes after head swap, if the read/write ability of heads is not good, try to move the donor head adaptives to patient drive too.

WD Head Replacement Donor Guide

01: Model number;
02: PCB number;
03: Head number/structure (head map);
04: Manufacturing date/Country;
05: DCM.

To fix WD physically damaged hard drives, users need to swap the PCB or need to open the hard drive in clean room and swap heads. To have high-success-rate of WD HDD head replacement success rate, the following factors are very important:

01: Professional head replacement tools;
02: Donor hard drive heads to replace the damaged original drive heads;
03: Professional physical data recovery skills: including firmware repair, head swap, pcb swap, platter swap, platter cleaning, heads’ cleaning, and motor unstuck skills. These skills require professional data recovery training courses or long time’s experience in handling different data recovery cases.

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