Sample Order Request

HDD Head Tools factory offers sample order to clients worldwide by DHL express for its hard drive PCBs, hard drive flash programmer, hdd head and platter swap tools, etc.

Please note: for sample orders, HDD Head Tools doesn’t offer any detailed technique support documents or training, users must have a certain special knowledge to understand and use the PCBs, programmers and head and platter swap tools properly, clients need to bear the risk of any data loss or damage caused by using the products incorrectly from the sample orders.

Sample order prices:

Western Digital HDD Sample PCB: USD5.00/Piece
Toshiba HDD Sampls PCB: USD5.00/Piece
HDD Programmer Sample: USD25.00/Piece
HDD Head Comb Sample: USD35/Piece

All the Sample PCBs, programmers, head and platter swap tools are 100% working and all of them will be tested carefully before shipment. If clients don’t have proper knowledge or experience, please don’t place the sample orders.

Any question is welcome to [email protected].