WD HDD USB-SATA PCB Package.Standard

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Western Digital USB-SATA PCB Package contains all the compatible SATA PCBs for the most common USB PCBs including USB PCB 701605, 701615, 701635, 701675, 771737, 771754, 771761, 771801, 771814, 771817, 771859, 771961, 800038, 800041(3TB and 4TB).

To buy this package from Dolphin Data Lab, users get not only the compatible SATA PCBs, but get also the detailed compatible list of PCB numbers and also the image guides of how to convert USB interface to SATA interface.


Video Introduction Of WD USB-SATA PCB Package

PCB number is very important to recognize when users are trying to perform PCB swap, hot swap and even head swap sometimes.

The following is one example(2060-771961-000 REVP1) to recognize the PCB number of the WD USB HDD PCBs:


The following is one example of WD SATA PCB number: 2060-771960


When users are trying to handle western digital USB hard drives, it’s easier if without advanced USB hard drive recovery equipment such as the DFL-URE USB3.0 to find compatible SATA PCB to replace the USB PCB and replace the ROM and firmware chips, otherwise, users can only convert manually the USB interface to SATA interface.

And now with thisĀ Western Digital USB-SATA PCB Package, users don’t need to search everywhere to find the compatible SATA PCBs, users get all in this package for the above mentioned USB PCB numbers:


Sometimes if the USB hard drives have many bad sectors or if the encryption sectors cannot be imaged to the target drive, even if you have made one successful conversion or have got one compatible SATA PCB, you may not see the data as well. At this time, users need to use DFL-URE USB3.0 and they can connect the USB hard drives directly to DFL-URE and list the files and extract the files.

Users can buy this all-in-one Western Digital USB-SATA PCB package online here or email to us by [email protected] or add our Skype account: