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As the market is calling, HDDheadtools Factory has researched and tested the newly hard drive head comb for ST4000LM016 laptop hard drives with 5 platters and 10 heads. From now on, this newly released head comb is available worldwide and it has been added to Level 2 head comb suite and users need to buy

Hddheadtools has cooperated with RecoveryRus and have developped new head and platter swap tools and now start to sell these tools to worldwide clean room data recovery engineers. These new head and platter swap tools are mainly used to fix motor stuck issue, new hard drive head replacement issue, platter swap issue. There are totally

In some cases for data recovery, we need to finish hard drive physical repair work, including head replacement, platter swap, etc. With the help of professional opening tools and head combs, the process can be easier, faster and smoother, which can also help to improve the success rate of data recovery. Download complete Hard Drive

Fujitsu HDD 3 Platters 5 Heads

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